Labor and Employment

Our attorneys have over twenty-five years of experience serving clients in the private and public sectors in all aspects of the increasingly complex fields of employment law and labor relations.  Employers must abide by an overwhelming number of laws and regulations on both the federal and state level, several of which can prove costly in both dollars and management time for businesses that are not in compliance.

Our goal is to assist employers in achieving compliance to prevent lawsuits and other legal claims from occurring.  Although the best protective measures will not prevent all suits and claims, having the appropriate rules and guidelines in place can prove significant in defending such legal actions.

We have extensive experience with any employment-related issue that confronts employers of all types and sizes, including:

Human Resources – Employer policies and workplace rules; employee handbooks; performance reviews; employee discipline; termination.

Employment Contracts – Compensation and benefits; job duties and responsibilities; for cause termination; restrictive covenants.

Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreements – Limit subsequent employment with competitors; protection of confidential information and trade secrets; prohibition against soliciting employees, clients, or customers.

Employee Leave and Disability – Disability leave; Family and Medical Leave Act; Americans with Disabilities Act; maternity leave.

Wage and Hour – Minimum wage; overtime compensation; what constitutes work time; commission income; prevailing wage.

Employee Classification – Employee or independent contractor;  Exempt or non-exempt for purposes of overtime eligibility.

Uninsured Workforce – Organizing campaigns; collective bargaining negotiations; contract grievances and arbitrations; unfair labor practice charges; strikes and lockouts.

Public Employers – Civil Service Law and regulations; Section 75 hearings; Section 71 and 72 leaves; improper practice charges; Taylor Law proceedings; Workplace Violence Prevention Act.

Our attorneys have significant experience representing employers in a variety of forums, including:

  • State and federal courts
  • New York State Division of Human Rights
  • New York Public Employment Relations Board
  • New York State Worker’s Compensation Bureau of Compliance
  • New York State and United States Departments of Labor
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • National Labor Relations Board
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration